2x2 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube!

1.40 Official 2x2 Cube Single

I solve the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube in 1.40 seconds!

1.17 Official 2x2 Cube Single

I solve the 2×2 Cube in 1.17 seconds! The crazy part about this result is that in this solve, I turned the cube at a rate of 10.26 turns per second (TPS)!

1.60 Official 2x2 Cube Average

During a competition at the University of British Columbia, I managed to solve the 2×2 cube in an average time of 1.60 seconds! I’ve been aiming to get a sub-2 second average for a long time now, and it feels great to have shattered that barrier. This result won the competition and became the new Washington State Record.

0.89 Official 2x2 Cube Single

This was my first time solving the 2×2 Cube in under a second at an official competition! I turned the cube at a rate of 10.11 moves per second in order to achieve this time!

1.52 Average of 12; 1.23 Average of 5

During a recent practice session at home, I got a 1.23 average of 5, as well as a 1.52 average of 12! My main goal was to get a sub-1.50 average of 12, which I was really close to achieving but not quite. Hopefully, I can get it in the future!

1.54 Official 2x2 Average

At a recent competition in Coquitlam, British Columbia, I broke the new state record for 2×2 average! The WA state record was previously 1.56, so I managed to lower it very slightly by 0.02!

1.111 Official 2x2 Single

This was a pleasant surprise—a 1.111 solve in competition!

0.87 Official 2x2 Solve

A new personal record solve for 2×2 after two and a half years!

1.50 Official 2x2 Average

A new personal record for 2×2 average. Although this is only a 0.04 second improvement from my previous record, this result improved my world ranking by 9 spots (from 47th to 38th).

1.53 Official 2x2 Average

This 2×2 average was just 0.03 away from my personal record. It had a lot of potential too, which I unfortunately couldn’t take full advantage of.