5x5 Blindfolded

All of my accomplishments surrounding solving the 5×5 Rubik’s Cube blindfolded!

18:18.78 5x5 Blindfolded Single

After four failed attempts, I was finally able to successfully solve the 5×5 cube blindfolded! I live-streamed this, so people watched me while I solved!

12:39.76 5x5 Blindfolded Single

Just four days after my first successful 5×5 blindfolded solve, I managed to beat my personal best by almost 6 minutes! I was shocked to get such a fast time, especially since I felt that I had messed up somewhere during the solve.

13:06.00 Official 5x5 Blindfolded Single

I solve the 5×5 blindfolded for the first time in a competition! Doing so gives me the title of “Silver Member,” a title given exclusively to those who complete every event in the WCA (World Cube Association). Currently, out of the 100,000+ competitors, only 103 have achieved this title.

First 5x5 Blindfolded Success After 16 Months

I haven’t practiced 5×5 blindfolded for around 16 months. This video documents my first 5×5 blindfolded solve after the 16-month hiatus!