5x5 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 5×5 Rubik’s Cube!

1:00.64 Official 5x5 Average of 5

I solve the 5×5 Cube five times, resulting in an average result of 1:00.64. This result placed me second at the competition!

55.25 Official 5x5 Cube Single

I solve the 5×5 Rubik’s Cube in 55.25 seconds. This solve was a rather pleasant surprise; I was not expecting this!

52.72 Official 5x5 Cube Single

I solved the 5×5 in 52.72 seconds, shattering my previous personal record by almost three whole seconds!

48.02 Official 5x5 Single

At Nationals, I solve the 5×5 in 48.02 seconds! This broke my previous personal record by over four seconds!

54.67 Official 5x5 Average

I solve the 5×5 five times, and achieve an average time of 54.67 seconds. This broke my previous personal best by only about half a second, however I was sort of relieved to have finally broken the sub-55 barrier.

51.05 Personal Best 5x5 Average

I achieved an average result of 51.05 seconds for the 5×5! This took place during a head-to-head match, and it let me win the Twisty Puzzle Cup, an online cubing competition similar to Cubing at Home!

47.68 Personal Best 5x5 Single

A really nice 5×5 solve I got during a recent Twitch stream!

51.57 5x5 Single (Yau5)

Superficially, this solve may not seem very extraordinary, but I was actually using an entirely unfamiliar method to solve the cube, known as Yau5. The cubing community is often torn between the various methods of solving the 5×5, and Yau5 is one of them!

47.72 Official 5x5 Single

At a recent competition in Coquitlam, British Columbia, I broke a new personal record 5×5 single with a time of 47.72! This beats my previous personal best (48.02) by three tenths of a second. I also used an entirely new method for this solve that I have never used at previous competitions!