Speedcubing is undoubtedly my biggest pastime. As its name suggests, speedcubing is the sport in which you attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube (one of the highest-selling toys of all time!) at really high speeds. Cubing is something I do both at home and at World Cube Association (WCA) competitions!

Some of my most notable accomplishments include:

*These WCA rankings are the best rankings I’ve achieved in my cubing career, not necessarily my current rankings.

The 17 Events

There are a total of 17 events that one can compete in at a competition, each of which are listed below. Click one of the links to see my progression in the respective event. To the right of each event name, you can click a link to see which puzzles I use and where you can buy them.

Also, I’ve decided to keep my accomplishments in 3×3 with feet on my website, despite it having been removed from all World Cube Association competitions, more info for which can be found here.

2×2Valk 2 M
3×3Tornado V3 M Flagship
4×4Angstrom MGC 4×4
5×5Valk 5 M
6×6AoShi WR M
7×7AoFu WR M
3×3 BlindfoldedTornado V3 M Flagship
3×3 Fewest MovesN/A
3×3 One-HandedTornado V3 M Flagship
3×3 with FeetGTS3 M
Rubik’s ClockQiYi Clock
MegaminxYuHu V2 M
PyraminxGAN Pyra Enhanced
SkewbGAN Skewb Enhanced
Square-1MGC Square-1
4×4 BlindfoldedAngstrom MGC 4×4
5×5 BlindfoldedValk 5 M
3×3 Multiple BlindfoldedN/A