7x7 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 7×7 Rubik’s Cube!

2:59.83 Official 7x7 Cube Mean

I solve the 7×7 Cube three times. My first two solves were 2:52.18 and 2:54.67, respectively, so my final solve needed to be faster than a 3:13.15 in order to get a sub-3 minute mean. I was nervous, so I ended up getting a 3:12.64, but fortunately, I ended up with a 2:59.83 mean, which was just barely below 3 minutes!

2:56.46 Official 7x7 Cube Mean

I solve the 7×7 Cube three times in order to obtain a mean of 2:56.46. Despite one of the times being almost fifteen seconds slower than the mean itself, I was relieved to have finally broken my personal best after four months!

2:36.50 Official 7x7 Cube Single

At Nationals, during the 7×7 event, I achieved a personal best single of 2:36.50! Considering all of my jet-lag and lack of practice, this was a very unexpected result.

2:31.29 7x7 Mean; 2:26.94 Single

During a usual Sunday practice session, I managed to break some personal records in the 7×7 cube. I’ve been practicing 7×7 for the next Cubing at Home competition!

2:28.42 Official 7x7 Solve

At a recent competition in Provo, Utah, I got a new personal record for 7×7! This is my first official sub-2:30!