All of my accomplishments surrounding the Megaminx puzzle!

52.52 Official Megaminx Single

I solve the Megaminx in 52.52 seconds!

58.06 Official Megaminx Average of 5

I solved a Megaminx five times with an average time of 58.06! I certainly did not expect to perform as well as I did.

47.35 Official Megaminx Average of 5

At a recent competition in Everett, I achieved a 47.35 second average of five solves in the Megaminx event! This result placed second at the competiton!

37.77 Megaminx Single

During a regular practice session, I recently broke my former personal best single by over two whole seconds, from 39.86 to 37.77! I was quite shocked and ecstatic when I got this solve.

45.00 Official Megaminx Average

A new personal record average for Megaminx that placed me 3rd at the Norwegian Championship in 2022!

39.86 Official Megaminx Single

This official Megaminx solve, done at the 2022 Oregon Championship, tied my record to the centisecond! I’m really bummed about this one because I made some really unfortunate mistakes towards the end of the solve, without which I definitely would have beat my record.

34.83 Official Megaminx Single

A new personal record for Megaminx that beat my previous record of 39.86 by over 5 seconds. This result also places me 40th in the world, which is the first time I’ve ever been top 100 in the world for Megaminx.

44.98 Official Megaminx Average

A new personal record for Megaminx. Although it’s only a 0.02 second improvement, I was able to break the sub-45 barrier for the first time.