3x3 Multiple Blindfolded

All of my accomplishments surrounding solving multiple Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded!

10/10 Multi-Blind Attempt

I memorized 10 3×3 Cubes using a lettering system that consisted of about 200 letters, donned my blindfold, and solved them all successfully! This was a live stream, so I actually finished about 47 minutes into the stream (the rest of the stream was me practicing other events and interacting with people through the live chat).

10/10 Multi-Blind Attempt, Officially!

Once again, I solved 10 Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded, the only difference being that this result was from a competition. I am now ranked third in the state for Multi-Blind, and I hope to break the state record of 11 cubes in the near future!

Also, the video attached features just the solving stage of the attempt; my SD card would have filled up if I recorded the entire attempt, so I had my dad hit record once I put my blidnfold on.

12/12 Multi-Blind Attempt

Through a live-stream from home, I memorize twelve 3×3 cubes, don my blindfold, and solve them all successfully and consecutively in a time of 46:52. Hopefully I can do this in a real competition soon!

12/12 Multi-Blind in Competition!

My dreams have come true! I solve twelve 3×3 cubes blindfolded in a competition, this time in a time of 49:14!

13/13 Multi-Blind in Competition!

Rather than attempting twelve 3x3s for Multi-Blind, this time, I attempted to memorize a string of around 260 letters, and solve 13 cubes consecutively. After 49 minutes and 50 seconds, I was relieved to find out that I had a 100% success rate!