3x3 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube! 

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7.48 Official 3x3 Average of 5

I solved the 3×3 Cube 5 times, and the average of those 5 times was 7.48 seconds. I am very proud of this result, as it currently puts me second in the state of Washington!

6.11 Official 3x3 Cube Single

I solve the Rubik’s Cube in 6.11 seconds!

5.75 Official 3x3 Cube Single

I solve the 3×3 cube in 5.75 seconds, my first time ever getting a sub-6! I am extremely pleased to have finally broken my personal best after almost nine months!

6.74 Official 3x3 Average of 5

In competition, I solve the 3×3 Cube five times and get an average time of 6.74! This broke my previous personal best of 7.40 (not recorded) by a whopping 0.66 seconds! This was also my first state record in the 3×3 event.

5.49 3x3 Single

I solve the 3×3 in 5.49 seconds (not in competition). I was quite pleased to have captured this on camera!

5.67 Official 3x3 Single

During my first of three competitions in Australia (Canberra), I break my personal best by 0.08, in order to get a time of 5.67 seconds! This solve was a very pleasant surprise, to say the least.

7.63 Official 3x3 Average

At US Nationals in Baltimore, I was lucky enough to have made the final round!  These are my attempts from the final; although this average wasn’t the best I could possibly achieve, I am very satisfied with it as I was competing in front of a crowd and a livestream camera.

5.08 Official 3x3 Single

With a bit of luck, I was able to break my previous personal record (5.67) by 0.59 of a second! This is easily one of my most proud accomplishments to date, and part of that has to do with the fact that I was finally able to break the state record for a 3×3 single solve.

5.96 Official 3x3 Single

Though this isn’t a personal record time-wise, this solve is the fastest I’ve ever turned in a competition for 3×3. It took 61 moves for me to solve the cube, and to achieve this in 5.96, I turned at a rate of 10.23 turns per second!

6.99 Official 3x3 Average

At a recent competition in Everett, I achieved an average result of 6.99 in the 3×3 cube. Unfortunately, on one of the attempts, I stopped the timer when the cube was still one move away from being solves, resulting in a +2 second penalty. Assuming I hadn’t gotten the penalty, I would have achieved a PR average of 6.66. Oh well, there’s always next time!

5.26 Official 3x3 Single

During a competition at Puget Sound University, I got a 3×3 result of 5.26 seconds. Though this wasn’t my personal record, this result was a pleasant surprise to obtain!

5.21 Official 3x3 Single

At a competition in Portland, I solved the 3×3 in 5.21 seconds. Once again, this wasn’t my personal record, but this was still a really fast solve for me. In fact, this was the fastest 3×3 result of the competition!

4.42 3x3 Single

I recently received a new cube for Christmas, and I was able to achieve a 4.42 second solve using it! This solve wasn’t in competition, but it is now my new best time on camera.

6.73 Official 3x3 Average

At a competition in Vancouver, BC, I achieve a new personal record average of 6.73 seconds, beating my previous best of 6.74 by just 0.01! Though the difference was marginal, I felt quite relieved to have beaten my personal best at long last.

5.62 Official 3x3 Single

At a competition in the British Columbia Institute of Technology, I achieve a 3×3 time of 5.62 seconds. What was special about this time was that I turned the cube at a rate of 11.03 moves per second!

6.05 3x3 Average of 5; 6.37 Average of 12

Upon testing a new cube that I received from my wonderful sponsor, TheCubicle, I achieve a 6.05 second average of 5 solves, as well as a 6.37 average of 12 solves, both of which are very good results for me!

6.77 3x3 Average

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the cubing community has organized online competitions called the Cubing at Home series. At one of these competitions, I get an average of 6.77 seconds. Unfortunately, due to a +2 penalty on one of the five attempts, I missed out on making the final round. I hope I can make the finals next time!

6.63 3x3 Average

At long last, I have finally made the final round of a Cubing at Home competition! The top 8 make it into the finals, and I achieved an average of 6.63, giving me the 3rd seed spot going into the final round! All of the finalists get to appear on the stream, where they will be going head-to-head against each other in a bracket-style format.

5.26 3x3 Single

During the 3×3 finals at the sixth Cubing at Home (Cubing at Home 1.1), I get a 3×3 result of 5.26! I was extremely nervous to solve in front of the live stream, so performing so well under pressure was a pleasant surprise.

5.73 3x3 Average

Off camera, I got an all-time best 3×3 average of 5.73 seconds. In this video, I explain my thought process behind each attempt that this new personal best was composed of.

4.87 3x3 Single

I’ve recently taken up live streaming my practice sessions, and in one of them, I solve the 3×3 in 4.87 seconds!