Rubik's Clock

All of my accomplishments surrounding the really obscure puzzle known as the Rubik’s Clock!

11.15 Official Rubik's Clock Average of 5

I solved the Rubik’s Clock five times and achieved an average time of 11.15 seconds. 

6.01 Official Rubik's Clock Single

I officially solved the Rubik’s Clock in just barely over 6 seconds! I also broke the previous state record of 6.07.

6.26 Clock Average of 5; 5.07 Clock Single

A new model of the Rubik’s Clock recently came out, and I’ve already improved drastically because of it! Here are a few personal bests I recently broke (skip towards the end of the video).

Compilation of Sub-6 Clock Singles

These are a couple of sub-6 second singles I got in Rubik’s Clock.

6.10 Clock Average of 5

In this video, I broke my PB average of 5 for the Rubik’s Clock. The average was 6.10 seconds, and I really hope to break the sub-6 barrier soon!

5.86 WA State Record Clock Single (+5.87)

At a recent competition, I managed to break the state record Clock single twice. In my first attempt, I got a 5.87, which was the new state record for just a few minutes until I got a 5.86 a few attempts later!

6.72 WA State Record Clock Average (+5.35 Single)

At a competition in Brookfield, Wisconsin, I managed to achieve the first sub-7 clock average by a Washingtonian! I also got a 5.35 single, which is a new state record by 0.51 seconds.

6.58 WA State Record Clock Average

At a recent competition in Idaho Falls, I broke my personal record Rubik’s Clock average with a new state record of 6.58 seconds! I hardly practiced Clock before the competition, so this was a very unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

5.16 WA State Record Clock Solve

At a recent competition in Idaho Falls (the same one as my 6.58 average), I broke the state record for Clock single with a result of 5.16!

6.23 WA State Record Clock Average

At my most recent competition in Spokane, WA, I broke my previous state record Clock average of 6.58 with a result of 6.23! This improved my ranking nearly twofold (90th to 58th).

6.22 WA State Record Clock Average

Beat the state record Clock average by just 0.01!

5.07 WA State Record Clock Single

At a recent competition in Tacoma, WA, i broke the Clock state record, lowering it from 5.16 to 5.07.