Rubik's Clock

All of my accomplishments surrounding the really obscure puzzle known as the Rubik’s Clock!

11.15 Official Rubik's Clock Average of 5

I solved the Rubik’s Clock five times and achieved an average time of 11.15 seconds. 

6.01 Official Rubik's Clock Single

I officially solved the Rubik’s Clock in just barely over 6 seconds! I also broke the previous state record of 6.07.

6.26 Clock Average of 5; 5.07 Clock Single

A new model of the Rubik’s Clock recently came out, and I’ve already improved drastically because of it! Here are a few personal bests I recently broke (skip towards the end of the video).

Compilation of Sub-6 Clock Singles

These are a couple of sub-6 second singles I got in Rubik’s Clock.

6.10 Clock Average of 5

In this video, I broke my PB average of 5 for the Rubik’s Clock. The average was 6.10 seconds, and I really hope to break the sub-6 barrier soon!

5.86 WA State Record Clock Single (+5.87)

At a recent competition, I managed to break the state record Clock single twice. In my first attempt, I got a 5.87, which was the new state record for just a few minutes until I got a 5.86 a few attempts later!

6.72 WA State Record Clock Average (+5.35 Single)

At a competition in Brookfield, Wisconsin, I managed to achieve the first sub-7 clock average by a Washingtonian! I also got a 5.35 single, which is a new state record by 0.51 seconds.

6.58 WA State Record Clock Average

At a recent competition in Idaho Falls, I broke my personal record Rubik’s Clock average with a new state record of 6.58 seconds! I hardly practiced Clock before the competition, so this was a very unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

5.16 WA State Record Clock Solve

At a recent competition in Idaho Falls (the same one as my 6.58 average), I broke the state record for Clock single with a result of 5.16!

6.23 WA State Record Clock Average

At my most recent competition in Spokane, WA, I broke my previous state record Clock average of 6.58 with a result of 6.23! This improved my ranking nearly twofold (90th to 58th).