December 27, 2022

Helping Others Improve Through My “Full U ZBLL” YouTube Series

Part 1/6 of my U ZBLL Series. Full series can be found here

Recently, I’ve been putting together a tutorial/instructional video series for my YouTube channel, which covers a subset of optimized Rubik’s Cube algorithms called U ZBLL. Learning these algorithms could help a lot of cubers reach sub-10-second times and beyond. Across the six videos in the series, there are a total of 72 algorithms to learn, which can be a very daunting task for most speedcubers.

The goal of my video series was to actually “teach” these algorithms, explaining how all the cases/patterns should be recognized, how to memorize the algorithms, and the best way to actually perform the algorithms on the cube. I hoped that learning these algorithms through my series would be much more approachable than simply learning them off of a Google spreadsheet that provided nothing more than jumbled notation. Furthermore, my video series has been widely acclaimed by my subscribers, making the process of filming, editing, and publishing them much more enjoyable and fulfilling!

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