4x4 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 4×4 Rubik’s Cube!

29.05 Official 4x4 Average of 5

I solve the 4×4 Cube 5 times, and the average of those 5 times was 29.05 seconds. As you can probably tell from the video, I was ecstatic to have received such a mind-boggling result! It even put me 7th in the country at the time!

26.19 Official 4x4 Cube Single

I solve the 4×4 Rubik’s Cube in 26.19 seconds. Although I did mess up once during the solve, I still achieved a really nice time!

24.37 4x4 Single

A decent 4×4 solve that I got in practice recently.

27.09 Official 4x4 Average

Despite a small amount of luck, I was able to achieve a 27.09 average in competition! Not only did this result bump me up to second in Washington, but I also achieved 3rd place in round 2 of 4×4 at Nationals!

23.70 Official Official 4x4 Single

To my amazement, I officially completed the 4×4 in 23.70 seconds! This competition took place one week after Nationals, so I was quite burned out. This solve also places me second in the state of Washington.

27.27 Official 4x4 Average

At a competition in Portland, I solve the 4×4 five times and get an average result of 27.27. Unfortunately, on one of the solves, I stopped the timer when the cube was still a turn away from being solved, resulting in a +2 second penalty. The penalty costed what could have been my first sub-27 second average, unfortunately. Regardless, I still ended up winning the competition, which I am very proud of!

26.12 4x4 Average

I got a 26.12 second 4×4 average of five, although it wasn’t in competition. Despite a little luck, I’m still really proud of this result! 

23.67 Official 4x4 Single

At a recent competition in Ellensburg, I solve the 4×4 in 23.67 seconds. My fastest solve in competition is a 22.50 from a few months ago, although that wasn’t recorded. This solve is my fastest competition solve caught on camera.

26.26 4x4 Average

At the the third Cubing at Home competition, I get a 4×4 cube average of 26.26 seconds, placing me third out of the several hundred competitors who participated!

22.32 4x4 Single

During my latest Twitch stream, I get a 4×4 solve time of 22.32 seconds!

20.97 4x4 Single

Wow! Today has been a really good day for me! During the 4×4 finals of the Twisty Puzzle Cup (another online competition), I get a 4×4 solve of 20.97!! This is my second time ever getting a time under 21 seconds, and to think that it was on camera is insane! The commentators seemed to have been as hyped as I was, haha.

26.61 4x4 Average

For the seventh Cubing at Home competition, Cubing at Home 1.2, the organizers invited me to compete in 4×4 on their Twitch stream. Even under all of the pressure that comes with solving in front of hundreds of people, I still managed to secure a third place spot with a result of 26.61!

26.12 Official 4x4 Average

During a competition in Missoula, Montana, I broke my personal record 4×4 average of 26.12, beating my previous record (27.09) by almost a whole second! This is also the new Washington State Record!