6x6 Cube

All of my accomplishments surrounding the 6×6 Rubik’s Cube!

1:56.68 Official 6x6 Cube Mean

In a competition, you would solve the 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 five times, but for 6×6 and 7×7, you would only solve them thrice. I solved the 6×6 three times, and the mean of these three solves was 1:56.68. I placed third for the 6×6 Cube at this competition!

1:47.58 Official 6x6 Cube Mean

At a recent competition in Surrey, BC, I solved the 6×6 three times and obtained a mean of 1:47.58. I was able to beat my previous best of 1:47.64 by the smallest margin, which was quite relieving to find out. 

1:42.76 6x6 Mean; 1:34.54 Single

Thanks to my sponsor, TheCubicle, I was able to test the newest model of the 6×6 cube. I was able to get a bunch of personal bests during home practice, including a 1:34.54 single solve, and a 1:42.76 mean of three solves! None of these took place in competition, however.

1:40.30 Official 6x6 Mean; 1:32.39 Official Single

I was able to destroy my previous personal bests in the 6×6 Cube at a recent competition in Ellensburg! My mean went from 1:47.58 to 1:40.30, and my single went from 1:38.34 to 1:32.39.

1:28.50 Official 6x6 Solve; 1:37.68 Mean

Some new PRs in 6×6 from the North American Championship. The 1:28.50 is my first sub-1:30 and a new state record! It feels great to have finally updated my personal records after almost two and a half years.