All of my accomplishments surrounding the Square-1 puzzle!

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11.91 Official Square-1 Average of 5

I solve the Square-1 five times, resulting in an average of 11.91 seconds. I wasn’t too happy throughout the average because my main goal was a sub-10 solve, and I had gotten a 10.20 and a 10.22. Fortunately, I was able to get a good average time!

8.04 Official Square-1 Single

I solve the Square-1 in 8.04, crushing my previous personal best of 9.23 by over a second!

9.93 Official Square-1 Average of 5

I solve the Square-1 five times and get an average time of 9.93, 0.07 seconds below the 10-second benchmark! You can see that I was quite shocked about this result, as my primary goal was to break merely the sub-11 barrier, let alone sub-10.

7.03 Official Square-1 Single

At a World Championship warm-up competion in Sydney, I solve the Square-1 in 7.03 seconds! I was exhausted as this took place at the end of the day, so I was very surprised to have broken my personal best!

6.81 Official Square-1 Single

I break my personal best in the Square-1 event by 0.22 seconds. It feels really great to have finally broken the sub-7 barrier!

9.07 Official Square-1 Average

I compete in the Square-1 event and achieve an average time of 9.07 seconds. One of the attempts in this video was a 6.45, which is my new personal best single-wise!

7.84 Official Square-1 Average

In the Square-1 event, I achieve an official average time of 7.84 seconds, breaking my previous best of 9.07 by a whopping 1.23 seconds! This is easily one of my most proud accomplishments to date- as of November 2, 2019, this result places me 2nd in the USA, 2nd in North America, and 12th in the world!

7.37 Official Square-1 Average

I achieve an official average of 7.37 seconds in the Square-1 at a recent competition in Vancouver, BC! This result currently places me 10th in the world, and 4th in the USA, making it my best ranking out of all my events!

7.87 3rd Place Square-1 Average

With the coronavirus pandemic, the cubing community has introduced a series of online competitions called Cubing at Home. At the first competition, which had over 2,000 competitors, I achieved 3rd place in the Square-1 with a result of 7.87! You can read more about it in my blog post.

7.24 Square-1 Average of 12; 6.70 Average of 5

These were some nice solves I got in practice recently!

4.19 Square-1 Single

This was a 4.19 Square-1 solve I got in practice. It feels nice to have gotten my second best ever solve on camera! 

7.04 Square-1 Average of 12; 6.17 Average of 5

These were more really good times I was able to get on camera recently!

6.40 Square-1 Average (Missed Sub-6 Opportunity!)

This sucks… Due to an unfortunate +2 second penalty on my fifth attempt, I missed out on what could have been my first ever sub-6 second average of 5.86 (on camera too!). You might be able to see that I was a bit disappointed in the video.

3.51 Square-1 Single

My personal best Square-1 Single, caught on camera! I was pretty excited when I got this. 

7.92 2nd Place Square-1 Average

This was a decent Square-1 average of 5 from a recent online competition, Cubing at Home 1.1. I placed 2nd out of the several hundred competitors that participated!

6.67 Square-1 Average of 12; 5.96 Average of 5

These are extremely quick times that I recently got for Square-1! I am especially proud of the 5.96 Square-1 average of 5. Not only is it my first sub-6 average ever, but it also beats the current world record result by over half a second!

4.91 Square-1 Single

This is a pretty nice sub-5 Square-1 single I recently got.

YJ MGC Square-1 Review

I got the opportunity to test a new Square-1 model that hasn’t been released to the public. This is a review encapsulating my opinions on the puzzle!

5.99 Square-1 Average (Cubing at Home 2.5)

During an online competition, I managed to get a sub-6 Square-1 average that placed me second in the first round! It’s also really neat that this average is faster than the current official world record. I hope to accomplish a result like this in a real WCA competition in the near future!

5.75 Square-1 Average

I have my first post-COVID competition in a week, so I decided to practice while wearing a mask! I managed to break a personal best average of 5.75, which is also considerably lower than the current world record of 6.34! I would really like to achieve a similar result in competition.

6.37 North American Record Square-1 Average

At my first competition since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I broke the North American Record average for Square-1! This is without a doubt my proudest cubing accomplishment ever (as of July 2021), and I’m excited to see what I can do in the future! Read more about this record in my blog post!