All of my accomplishments surrounding the Pyraminx puzzle!

2.31 Official Pyraminx Single!

I solve the Pyraminx in 2.31 seconds! You might be able to tell from the video that I was awfully surprised about this.

4.04 Official Pyraminx Average of 5

I solve the Pyraminx five times, resulting in an average time of 4.04 seconds! Although I was hoping to break the 4-second barrier, I was still pleased with this average,

1.98 Official Pyraminx Single

I solve the Pyraminx in just barely under 2 seconds! Despite the scramble I received being extremely lucky, and therefore having the potential of being a bit faster, I was somewhat happy about this solve.

3.06 Pyraminx Average of 5

A decent average of 5 on a new Pyraminx I recently received from TheCubicle!

2.75 Pyraminx Average of 5

This is my first sub-3 average on camera, which I was really proud of!