Coding Projects

Here are all of the programs I’ve made so far!

qDicomUW - 2023

As part of my research with the Averkiou Lab at the University of Washington, I’m helping to develop qDicomUW, a tool for analyzing dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound scans. By quantifying the perfusion (blood flow) characteristics of a lesion and surrounding healthy liver tissue, this tool will help radiologists detect and diagnose liver cancer earlier and more accurately. qDicomUW can also be used to monitor the efficacy of antiangiogenic cancer treatments.

Day of the Week Calculator - January 2022

On New Years Eve 2021, I came across a video by Mike Boyd showcasing his newfound skill of calculating the day of the week of any date. I’ve always thought this was just the coolest skill ever, so I decided to learn it myself from a Numberphile video that teaches the Doomsday Algorithm. The Doomsday Algorithm essentially uses a couple of known reference dates (one for each month) that can be applied to determine any given date. This program features the Doomsday Algorithm in action!

Click here to download the .py file!

PSK PBL Trainer - April 2021

In Square-1, I recently learned a really long list of algorithms that I wanted to memorize but didn’t know how. I decided to develop a quick tool in Python that would give me an algorithm at random so that I could practice recognizing the algorithm and actually performing it on my cube. I’m proud that I’ve been able to use programming to solve a real (although inconsequential) issue of mine!

Click here to download the .py file! Note: this program works best in the Spyder IDE.

Triangle Concurrency - September 2020

I started learning Python just a few weeks ago, and this is a quick program I made in my geometry class that calculates and plots the three concurrency points of any given triangle (orthocenter, circumcenter, centroid).

Click here to download the .py file!

Blocked! - March 2019

This Scratch project is short, simple, and sweet. You must circumvent the various spikes and bullets that might harm you. This game is actually designed for a Makey Makey controller as part of a school project.

Click here to play!

Floyd's Odyssey - January 2019

My first Google Play app: a simple endless runner game called Floyd’s Odyssey, in which a fox named Floyd travels across the world by constantly jumping from platform to platform. 

Click here to download!