3x3 One-Handed

All of my accomplishments surrounding solving the Rubik’s Cube one-handed!

13.19 Official 3x3 One-Handed Average of 5

I solve the 3×3 Cube one-handed five times, and the average of those five times was 13.19. I was astonished to achieve this result as my expectations were originally much lower!

10.56 Official 3x3 One-Handed Solve

I solve the standard 3×3 Rubik’s Cube one-handed in 10.56 seconds. This solve currently places me second in Washington State!

13.06 Official 3x3 One-Handed Average of 5

After nearly ten months, I finally beat my personal record for 3×3 One-Handed average of 5, reducing it from 13.19 to 13.06! I also won the competition with this result.

12.52 Official One-Handed Average of 5; Official 9.39 Solve

Wow! At a recent competition in Vancouver, BC, I get my first sub-13 second average for 3×3 One-Handed with a result of 12.52. Not only that, but I also achieved my first ever sub-10 second solve, with a time of 9.39! 

9.68 3x3 One-Handed Solve

Here’s a nice 3×3 one-handed solves that I recently got at a Cubing at Home competition (the pandemic is still a thing).

7.31 3x3 One-Handed Solve

While practicing for the next Cubing at Home competition, I managed to break my personal best for one-handed with a 7.31 solve time! What’s even more surprising is that this was the first solve of my session, meaning I had little to no warm-up when I got this solve!

9.26 Official One-Handed Solve

At the Western Championship, I broke a new personal record for One-Handed single! This result brought me back into the top-100, too!