3x3 Cube (cont.)

The second page containing all of my accomplishments surrounding solving the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube!

5.00 3x3 Single

I managed to make the final round of the seventh Cubing at Home competition, called Cubing at Home 1.2. During the finals, which was broadcasted live, I got a 5.00 second solve! 

4.91 3x3 Single

I solve the 3×3 in 4.91 seconds, where I turned at a rate of 11.41 turns per second!

5.74 3x3 Average

My first sub-6-second average caught on camera! If this were to happen in competition, I would be 2nd in the entire continent!

5.84 3x3 Average

Another sub-6 average I managed to catch on camera. Although this wasn’t quite as fast as my previous sub-6 average, I was still very thrilled to achieve it.

5.92 3x3 Average

Another sub-6 3×3 average I got recently! There was nothing particularly special about this one, but I’m just happy to have another one on record.

5.75 3x3 Average (+4.75 Single)

Here’s a sub-6 average I got recently on a new flagship 3×3. I also got a sub-5 single of 4.75!

5.90 3x3 Average

I decided to revisit an older cube (from 2019) and I managed to get some really nice times on it, primarily a sub-6 average of 5.90!

5.45 3x3 Average (Reconstructions)

I recently managed to break my personal best for a 3×3 average of 5. The average was 5.45, which is faster than the world record in competition! I wasn’t recording when I got the average, so I decided that the next best thing would be to make a video explaining my solutions to all of the solves in the average.