3x3 Cube (cont.)

The second page containing all of my accomplishments surrounding solving the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube!

5.00 3x3 Single

I managed to make the final round of the seventh Cubing at Home competition, called Cubing at Home 1.2. During the finals, which was broadcasted live, I got a 5.00 second solve! 

4.91 3x3 Single

I solve the 3×3 in 4.91 seconds, where I turned at a rate of 11.41 turns per second!

5.74 3x3 Average

My first sub-6-second average caught on camera! If this were to happen in competition, I would be 2nd in the entire continent!

5.84 3x3 Average

Another sub-6 average I managed to catch on camera. Although this wasn’t quite as fast as my previous sub-6 average, I was still very thrilled to achieve it.

5.92 3x3 Average

Another sub-6 3×3 average I got recently! There was nothing particularly special about this one, but I’m just happy to have another one on record.

5.75 3x3 Average (+4.75 Single)

Here’s a sub-6 average I got recently on a new flagship 3×3. I also got a sub-5 single of 4.75!

5.90 3x3 Average

I decided to revisit an older cube (from 2019) and I managed to get some really nice times on it, primarily a sub-6 average of 5.90!

5.45 3x3 Average (Reconstructions)

I recently managed to break my personal best for a 3×3 average of 5. The average was 5.45, which is faster than the world record in competition! I wasn’t recording when I got the average, so I decided that the next best thing would be to make a video explaining my solutions to all of the solves in the average.

5.70 Official 3x3 Single

This was done at Idaho Summer B 2021, my first competition since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic! I was so excited to get back to competing again, and I managed to get a solid sub-6 3×3 solve.

5.08 Official 3x3 Single

At BC Cubing Comeback A 2021, the first Canadian competition since early 2020, I managed to tie my previous personal best single of 5.08 from 2019! This solve was technically a little faster if you consider milliseconds (5.081 vs 5.086). 

6.79 and 6.94 Official 3x3 Averages

At a recent competition in Salt Lake City, Utah, I did very consistently in 3×3 with sub-7 averages in both rounds! Unfortunately, neither of these are a personal record for me, but I am hoping to break it soon!

4.66 Official 3x3 Single

At SacCubing X 2021, my first ever competition in California, I broke a new Pacific Northwest Record for 3×3 single with a time of 4.66! This is the first sub-5 set by someone in the region, and ranks me 15th in the world and 6th in North America at the time of writing this!

6.61 Official 3x3 Average

Also at SacCubing X 2021, I broke my personal record 3×3 average, lowering it from 6.73 to 6.61! This currently ranks me 31st in the world and 1st in Washington!

6.48 Official 3x3 Average

At a competition in Spokane, Washington, I broke my personal record 3×3 average, lowering it from 6.61 to 6.48 seconds! This is a new Washington State record, and raised my world ranking from 37th to 27th.

4.22 North American Record 3x3 Solve

Wow! At a recent competition in Portland, Oregon, I got a North American Record solve in the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube! Since 3×3 is the most popular event, it is often considered to be the event that is most difficult to break records in. I am so, so ecstatic about this solve, and I firmly believe there is nothing I could’ve done to have made it even better. More on my thoughts about this solve can be found here.

6.38 Official 3x3 Average

QiYi, a cube manufacturer based in China, recently gave me the opportunity to test a prototype of their currently unreleased flagship! I used it at my most recent competition and broke my personal record for 3×3 average! 

6.57 Official 3x3 Average

A decent result from a recent competition near Los Angeles, California!

4.03 Official 3x3 Solve

This is simply an amazing solve for me. I am now 3rd in the world for the fastest Rubik’s Cube solve!!

6.26 Official 3x3 Average

This result from a recent Tacoma competition brings me back to 1st in Washington State!

6.66 and 6.70 Official 3x3 Averages

Some bonus consistent results from a recent Tacoma competition. I used a prototype product that isn’t released to the public yet.

4.74 Official 3x3 Solve

A pretty nice solve from the European Championship in Copenhagen!

6.60, 6.51, 6.58, and 6.74 Official 3x3 Averages

Very consistent results that I’m pleased with from some recent European competitions.

My Best Official Solving Ever | 3rd Place Average at WCA Euro 2022 (6.40)

I consider this my best official 3×3 solving ever because of the circumstances/underlying pressure. I knew that I was solving in the head-to-head final of the second biggest competition in Europe ever, with hundreds of spectators watching. Despite all this, I was somehow able to pull off an incredibly consistent average, securing my spot on the “world record podium,” which is essentially the fastest top-3 in the history of competitions.

6.31 Official 3x3 Average

A really solid performance from a recent competition in Norway. This is currently my second best average ever.

How I Solved the Rubik's Cube in 2.78 Seconds

I somehow managed to pull off what WIRED deemed almost impossible and solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 3 seconds! Only with the most insane luck I’ve ever had was I able to achieve this feat. Click here for a blog post going more in depth about this solve.

Solid Sub-6 Solving | 5.62, 5.72, and 5.79 3x3 Averages (+6.22 Ao12)

Some solid sub-6 second solving from a recent practice session.

6.17 Official Rubik's Cube Average

A new personal record for 3×3 average that places me 22nd in the world, 9th in the USA, and 1st in Washington State!

My 50th Official 5-Second Solve (5.57)

This solve marked my 50th time getting a 5-second solve in competition! Hopefully, I can get a 5-second average of 5 in the future 🙂

6.29 Official Rubik's Cube Average

A pretty good average from a local event in Snohomish County. 

Two Counting 5s! | 6.21 Official Rubik's Cube Average (PR2)

My second best ever official average as of October 2022! I’m getting closer and closer to breaking the sub-6 barrier 😁

4.55 Official Rubik's Cube Solve

My fifth sub-5 officially, and my third best solve ever! I’m especially excited to have gotten this solve at my 100th competition!

6.17 Official Rubik's Cube Average (Tied PR)

This average ties my previous personal record to the centisecond, so technically, it isn’t even a new record. Either way, I’m really happy with this result, and I’m excited to break the sub-6 second barrier in the near future.

5.08 Official Rubik's Cube Solve

A decent 3×3 solve that unfortunately had lots of wasted potential.

6.34 Official Rubik's Cube Average

Getting one step closer to breaking the sub-6 barrier on the Rubik’s Cube once and for all!

6.12 Official Rubik's Cube Average (PR)

Another checkpoint in my road to sub-6 on 3×3. I’m especially proud of this PR because it was very consistent; my worst solve across all five attempts was 6.31 seconds!

5.01 PB Rubik's Cube Average Breakdown

While practicing on the day of a recent competition in Richmond, BC, I managed to break my all-time unofficial record for 3×3 average, just shy of the sub-5 barrier! If I were to get this officially, it would place me third in the world!