3x3 with Feet

All of my accomplishments surrounding solving the Rubik’s Cube with my feet!

1:00.55 Washington State Record Official 3x3 With Feet Average of 5

I solved the 3×3 Cube with my feet five times, resulting in an average time of 1:00.55. I was very pleased with this average because it ended up being my first state record!

50.25 Official 3x3 With Feet Average

I solved the 3×3 cube with feet five times and received an average of 50.25. My goal for this competition was to get a sub-50 average, which I was extremely close to achieving. I’m still very pleased with this result as I was able to break my previous record by over 10 seconds!

43.27 Official 3x3 With Feet Average

At the World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, I complete the 3×3 with Feet event with an average time of 43.27 seconds, crushing my previous best by almost seven seconds! The final solve in this video is a 37.78 second solve, which is my personal best for single.

21.69 Official 3x3 With Feet Single

It is very saddening that the World Cube Association has decided to remove 3×3 With Feet from all future competitions starting on January 1, 2020. To commemorate the event, local competition organizers decided to hold 3×3 With Feet at a competition on December 29th, 2019. It was at this competition that I somehow managed to reduce my PR single from 32.41 to a staggering 21.69, which is over an 11 second drop and the new Washington State Record! I was paralyzed with shock and joy when I got this result!

38.40 Official 3x3 With Feet Average

As a final commemoration to the 3×3 with Feet event, I achieved an average result of 38.40 seconds, placing me 2nd in the state of WA. Once again, it brings me a bit of grief that this event has been removed, but I don’t mind too much!