Square-1 (cont.)

The second page containing all of my accomplishments surrounding solving the Square-1 puzzle!

6.03 Square-1 Average of 12 + 3.79 Single

Some really nice times that I got while practicing for some upcoming official competitions. This is currently the second fastest average of 12 on YouTube. I’d like to break the Square-1 world record sometime in the future, although I don’t want to expect too much from myself!

5.50 Official Square-1 Single

At a recent competition, I got a 5.50 Square-1 solve. This also happens to be my second best Square-1 time in competition as of July 31, 2021!

5.67 Square-1 Average of 5

During a recent practice session at home, I got a 5.67 Square-1 average of 5, which is my new best average on camera! I hope to lower this even further in the near future!

6.74 Official Square-1 Average

During my most recent competition, which was in British Columbia, I achieved an average result of 6.74, which won the competition. While this isn’t a personal best for me, the result is still almost half a second faster than the second place average in North America!

5.92 Square-1 Average of 12 (YTWB)

I recently got a 5.92 Square-1 average of 12 while practicing at home. This is my first sub-6 ao12 on camera, and it’s also now the fastest average of 12 on YouTube! I’ve been practicing very hard because I have some competitions coming up where I’ll be competing in Square-1. I’m hoping for the best!

7.02 and 6.82 Official Square-1 Averages

At my most recent competition, which was in Utah, I competed in two rounds of Square-1 and got very solid results all around, so I decided to compile both rounds into one video!

5.26 Official Square-1 Single

At my first ever competition in California, SacCubing X 2021, I broke a personal record Square-1 single with a result of 5.26! Although I didn’t break my personal record by much (my previous was 5.32), I’m still happy about this, especially as it now puts me in top 10 in the world!

4.76 Official Square-1 Single

At the CubingUSA Western Championship 2021, I broke my personal best Square-1 solve with a time of 4.76! This shattered my previous record by 0.6 seconds. It’s also 3rd in the world. What’s unfortunate, however, is that the North American Record stands at 4.75, so this result is just 0.01 behind that!

6.62 Official Square-1 Average

This average really stings because this is the closest I’ve ever come to finally breaking the world record, which I’ve strived for ever since the day I started cubing. I got a really unfortunate +2 penalty, without which this average would’ve been the world record! It’s okay, though, as I still have some more chances in the near future!

6.35 "Official" Square-1 Average of 12

At a recent competition in Texas, I got a 6.35 average of 12 consecutive solves. Since each round at a competition is only 5 solves, this average of 12 was across multiple rounds throughout the day. The WCA also doesn’t officially recognize averages of 12, hence the quotes around the word “official”; it’s just a fun statistic to look at. This is also currently the fastest “official” average of 12 in the world!

Square-1 Solved in 2.88 seconds

During a regular at-home practice session, I got the easiest scramble I’ve ever seen. As a result, I managed to solve the Square-1 in 2.88 seconds! I’m quite happy with this time, but I feel that it had even more room for growth.

6.14 Official Square-1 Average

At a recent competition in Idaho Falls (the same venue as my 6.37 North American Record average!), I broke my personal record average with a result of 6.14. This improved my ranking from 3rd to 2nd in the world! 

6.43 Official Square-1 Average (World Record Fail)

During the first round of a competition in Idaho Falls, I got a 6.43 Square-1 average. However, I received an unfortunate +2 second penalty on the third solve (when I stopped the timer, the cube was one turn away from being solved), costing me a 6.00 world record average. The craziest part is that this isn’t even the first time that I’ve +2’ed out of a world record! While this was quite a demoralizing experience, I’m going to continue giving it my all, and I hope to see my hard work pay off in the near future.

4.87 Official Square-1 Solve

This result made me the first and only person to have more than one sub-5 result in competition!

5.82 (Former) World Record Square-1 Average

At CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2022 in Boston, I became the first person ever to achieve a sub-6 average in Square-1! I got a 5.82 world record average.

5.02 World Record Square-1 Average

Just hours after my 5.82 world record average, I demolished it again with a 5.02 world record average! This effectively lowered the previous world record (6.06) by over an entire second.

5.58 and 6.05 Square-1 Averages

Decent Square-1 results from recent competitions over the past few weeks.

4.95 Square-1 Average

My first sub-5 Square-1 average on camera.

4.47 Official Square-1 Solve

A new PR single for Square-1, placing me 5th in the world!

6.56 Official Square-1 Average

This average placed 1st in the first round of Norwegian Championship 2022, despite a lot of goofy mistakes 😅

5.65 and 5.66 Official Square Averages

Some highlights in Square-1 from my recent summer 2022 competitions in Europe.

4.45 +2 Penalty Official Square-1 Solve

At the 2022 Oregon Championships, I almost got a 4.45 second solve, which would’ve placed me third in the world. Unfortunately, the cube landed one move away from being solved, giving me a 2 second penalty. This solve is more of a learning lesson for me than a setback though!

5.85, 5.67, and 5.52 Official Square-1 Averages

Some consistent sub-6 results from a recent competition!

5.57 and 5.89 Official Square-1 Averages

After this competition, I’ve now gotten ten official sub-6 averages in Square-1.

5.63 Official Square-1 Average

Another decently consistent result from a recent local competition in Richland.

4.28 World Record Square-1 Solve

At an event I organized in Bothell, I broke the world record for fastest Square-1 solve with a time of 4.28 seconds! Read more about it in the blog post here.

5.49 Official Square-1 Average

My second best Square-1 average from any competition.

2.64 Square-1 PB Single Breakdown

While practicing on the day of a recent competition in Richmond, BC, I managed to break my all time-record for the Square-1, with a time of 2.64 seconds. This is over 1.7 seconds faster than the current world record of 4.28!

4.00 North American Record Square-1 Solve

At a recent 24-hour-long competition in Seattle, I broke the Square-1 North American record with a time of 4.000 (so close yet so far away to sub-4!). This one was especially noteworthy as I was running on precisely 0 hours of sleep in the past 28 hours. 

4.27 Official Square-1 Solve

My second best ever result in Square-1! There was a very slight fumble near the middle of the solve that possibly costed me a new North American Record.