December 10, 2022

My Second World Record: 4.28 Square-1 Single

4.28 World Record Square-1 Solve

On December 10, 2022, I broke the world record for Square-1 solve with a result of 4.28 seconds, just barely beating the previous record by 0.05 seconds.

In-depth breakdown of the solve, where I go through my exact thought process in the moment

I was not expecting this at all. I’m literally speechless. My first thought after breaking this record was simply how poetic and “full-circle” it was—this is the second competition I’ve organized, and it’s in the same venue. At the first competition, which was this past April, I achieved what I thought was a 5.63 world record Square-1 average, only to find out that three of the solves had been misscrambles. Now, here we are, back in the same venue, and I got the world record. For real this time. Hence why when people asked me if it was a world record, you can hear me saying, “yes… if it’s not a misccramble!”😅

And of course, I had to celebrate with my friends and family after the competition with some Korean food!

Victory dinner
First place for Square-1 single and average! From Wikipedia
Promotional poster from one of my sponsors, QY Toys
Promotional poster from the World Cube Association

Screenshots from the WCA and WCA Live websites of my world record:

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