October 9, 2020

Attempting to Locate All 193 Countries in Under 5 Minutes!

One of the rather unorthodox activities I’ve taken up recently is speedrunning, attempting to complete a certain activity as quickly as possible.

Speedrunning can range from measuring the time it takes to beat Minecraft or Mario, all the way to pencil sharpening. However, my favorite things to speedrun lie in the various geography “quizzes” on Seterra.

Currently, the only speedrun I’ve submitted to is the game involving finding all the 193 UN States (i.e. the countries) with 100% accuracy. My best time at the moment is 4:39, or 1.44 seconds per country!

This only places 12th out of the 41 submitted runs, so I hope to improve this time in the future. Nonetheless, this has been a really enjoyable activity that I think doubles as a pretty effective memory trainer!

Currently my best attempt at finding all the countries of the world.

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