Max Siauw

Exploring the Field of Bioinformatics!

Recently, I had the urge to deepen my knowledge of programming by exploring computer science from an interdisciplinary standpoint. Specifically, I’ve spent the past few days learning the basics of bioinformatics: the study of applying computing principles to biology! I structured my learning using this list of problems from ROSALIND […]

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My Second World Record: 4.28 Square-1 Single

On December 10, 2022, I broke the world record for Square-1 solve with a result of 4.28 seconds, just barely beating the previous record by 0.05 seconds. I was not expecting this at all. I’m literally speechless. My first thought after breaking this record was simply how poetic and “full-circle” […]

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100 Cubing Competitions!

On November 5, 2022, I attended Spokane Fall 2022, my 100th cubing competition. What a journey this has been, and it’s far from over. Since my first competition in February 2017 (I was still in elementary school!), I’ve competed in 6 countries, been on the podium 412 times, and set […]

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Guinness World Record Certificate!

I recently received a Guinness World Record certificate for my Square-1 world record average back in May! It feels amazing to now have a physical object that recognizes my accomplishment. I remember binging Guinness World Record videos on YouTube when I was in elementary school. I don’t recall much other […]

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Release of QiYi Toys’ New Flagship 3×3

For almost five months, I’ve been using the prototype of the X-Man Design Tornado V3 M, a flagship 3×3 cube by QiYi Toys. I was able to get early access to this product due to my contract with them. Since then, I’ve been able to achieve many results that I’m […]

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First Shots on My New DSLR Camera!

I took photography during my first two years of high school for my art elective. Now that I’ve completed my two years of art required for graduation, I’ve decided to stop taking photography and instead pursue STEM-related electives (in particular, I’ll be taking Advanced Biology: Physiology as a junior). However, […]

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