May 29, 2021

Cubing at Home 2.4: 3×3 Finalist, 2nd Place in 2×2!

Earlier today, I had the chance to compete in the fourth competition of Cubing at Home’s second season. In case you didn’t know, Cubing at Home is a series of cubing competitions all done virtually due to the pandemic.

As my school year is coming to a close, I’ve been a lot more busy recently and have had significantly less time to cube than usual. However, I still managed to perform really well today, which I’m super grateful for!

Some highlights from this competition include finishing 4th place in 3×3 finals and finishing 2nd place in 2×2. The latter was an extremely pleasant surprise for me as I had no expectations whatsoever while competing in 2×2!

Overall, I’m really proud and satisfied with how I did today. I’m still desperately waiting for an official, in-person competition to take place some time in the near future. I’m hoping that Pennsylvania Championships 2021, which is scheduled for August 20-21 (the 20th is my birthday!), will not be cancelled so that my family and I can go! If Pennsylvania Championships ends up happening, it will be my first time competing in 18 months!

All of my results from today!
2nd place in 2×2!
Here’s a compilation of highlights from the competition!

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