August 14, 2020

Final Standing for the Cubing at Home Season 1 Leaderboard!

As you might already know, the cubing organization, CubingUSA, recently introduced season 1 of the Cubing at Home Competition series. The season would be composed of five competitions spread across about a month and a half, and the top performers would be placed onto the season leaderboard. The top 12 would receive a portion of the $5000 cash prize pool!

I, myself, competed at all five events, and while I performed poorly and didn’t receive very many points at some, I did quite well at other competitions. As a result, my final standing of the Season 1 Leaderboard is 11th place out of the 2-3 thousand competitors who participated this season! I believe I’m going to receive $75 in cash, which I’m extremely proud of.

Even with that being said, I feel that I didn’t perform to my highest potential this season. Thus, I hope to do even better in future seasons and place higher on the overall leaderboard!

My placement on the S1 Leaderboard! This is a digital certificate made by the Cubing at Home Organization team.

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