January 14, 2021

First YouTube Paycheck!

I started my YouTube channel in fall of 2017, when I was just in 6th grade. I surpassed the 1,000 subscriber milestone in early 2019, and eventually became eligible to monetize my videos in August of 2019.

Since then, I’ve been working hard to upload as much content to my channel as I could. Through making accounts on Instagram and Twitch, starting a Discord Server, hosting a giveaway, and more, I’ve been able to grow and improve (albeit slowly) as a speedcuber and content creator. After over 3 years and 387 videos, I saw my effort concretely pay off for the first time!

With YouTube monetization, you can only receive money at $100 thresholds. Over the past year, I’ve been waiting patiently as the number slowly went up by the month!

My first YouTube paycheck!

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