September 14, 2022

Release of QiYi Toys’ New Flagship 3×3

For almost five months, I’ve been using the prototype of the X-Man Design Tornado V3 M, a flagship 3×3 cube by QiYi Toys. I was able to get early access to this product due to my contract with them.

Since then, I’ve been able to achieve many results that I’m extremely proud of—namely getting a 4.03 second solve that placed me 3rd in the world and placing 3rd at this year’s biggest event in Europe. And with these achievements came a lot of questions from cubers all around the world—when will the cube be released to the public?

Unfortunately, for the longest time, I was not allowed to disclose any information about the cube and its release date, meaning I simply wasn’t able to answer these burning questions. But finally, I’m able to announce to the world that the product is coming out on September 17, 2022!

I’m very grateful to have had the privilege of testing the prototype version of the product and helping QiYi Toys with promoting and generating publicity for it. I’m super excited that it is now available to the rest of the world!

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