November 6, 2022

100 Cubing Competitions!

100 Cubing Competitions | 2017 to 2022

On November 5, 2022, I attended Spokane Fall 2022, my 100th cubing competition.

What a journey this has been, and it’s far from over. Since my first competition in February 2017 (I was still in elementary school!), I’ve competed in 6 countries, been on the podium 412 times, and set 1 world record and 2 North American records.

But the competitive aspect of these past few years is only half of the full story. Equally as important are the indelible memories and friendships that I’ve made in the cubing community.

I put together this video to highlight not only the competitive aspect of the last 100 competitions, but also the social aspect, from group dinners to visiting the night market.

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