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Cubing at Home Season 2 Highlights!

Today (June 26, 2021), I had the chance to compete in Cubing at Home 2.5, the fifth and last competition of Cubing at Home’s second season. This competition was also my last online competition ever (most likely)! I’d like to share some of my most noteworthy results from this competition […]

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3,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

As of April 12, 2021 (I’m writing this the day after), I’ve surpassed 3,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! I started my channel in 2017 under the username “Dat1AsianDude.” Every once in a while, I would post really low-effort, low-quality cubing videos. However, since then, I’ve begun to take my […]

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Five Years of Cubing!

On Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, I got my first Rubik’s Cube from Walmart after having begged my parents for three full days. I solved it within the first two hours, and I thought that would be the end, that I would solve it once and be done forever. Well, the […]

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First YouTube Paycheck!

I started my YouTube channel in fall of 2017, when I was just in 6th grade. I surpassed the 1,000 subscriber milestone in early 2019, and eventually became eligible to monetize my videos in August of 2019. Since then, I’ve been working hard to upload as much content to my […]

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“The Speed Cubers” Documentary on Netflix!

Just yesterday, a documentary revolving around the wholesome community of speedcubers was released on Netflix. The documentary follows two speedcubers: Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. Feliks had held all of the world records since around 2009, and it wasn’t until 2016 when anybody broke just one of them. Max Park […]

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5th place on the Cubing at Home Season 1 Leaderboard!

As you might have read from my previous post, the speedcubing community has been able to maintain the competitive cubing spirit by introducing the Cubing at Home competitions. The first of these competitions, Cubing at Home I, took place on March 28, 2020. Four more of these competitions took place, […]

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